DNM 21 DNM 21

Neuroscience Meeting

Neuroscience Meeting

Online • 9-11 June 2021

9-11 June 2021

1st edition of the DNM 21 5K walk-run

Dear colleagues and friends,

In this year of COVID, one thing is certain… we have been sitting… a lot in front of our computers for normal meetings but also for conferences. So it is important more than ever to stay active!

In addition we will not be able to actually be together during the meeting, but would still like to share something fun that we can “sort of” do together.

Therefore we would like to invite you to join us for the 1st edition of the DNM 21 5K walk-run.

The idea is as follows:

Each of you can decide to do the walk or the run at any of the mornings before the meeting. When you like, you can of course decide to do so with a few lab mates or colleagues.

We have set up a small webshop where you can purchase, if you like, a t-shirt or a sticker with the DNM logo https://shop.spreadshirt.nl/dnm21-5k-walk-run/.

Purchasing any of this is optional of course, but if you do so, please wear the t-shirt or use the sticker on your shirt during your 5K walk or run.

After you have completed your 5K, you can tweet a selfie about it, but also we ask you to upload a selfie to your ‘myDNM site’ where these pictures will be collected by Paulo and composed to a wonderful collage of DNM21 that we will share at the closure of the meeting and will be placed on the website.

We hope that many of you will join and very much look forward to the meeting itself as well of course.

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Aniko Korosi

Aniko Korosi
DNM 21 Chair